It was a very busy holiday season for us here! We made it through the holidays with ease and right before Christmas, we received an early gift:

Our third little princeĀ is here and we are so happy! Not only was the delivery and recovery easy, he has been a very laid back baby.

During this pregnancy, I received a lot of advice, as you do with every pregnancy, but even more encouragement. I was so grateful for it, especially since adding a third to our family seemed so daunting. Something that people had said over and over was that they found it easier to add a third child than they did with adding a second. So far, this has been a true statement. The older two boys have had each other to play with so that they don’t feel left out.

So with a little less time to myself, less sleep, but a lot more joy, I’m wishing all of you a great New Year!


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