Taking A Sick Day

It has been a “fun” week in our household. Both my son and my husband came down with a cold. I can always tell something is off when my oldest son sleeps, and sure enough, after taking a nap he woke up flushed and complaining that his head hurt. Two days later, my husband asked if the house felt cold to me. Again, a sure sign something is off, as he likes to keep the house sub-arctic year round. Time to break out the following things:

  1. Essential Oils– I can’t live without them, especially during the season changes when we tend to get colds. Diffuse them. Apply them. Consume them.
  2. Hot Tea and Honey– Nothing makes me feel better faster than a hot cup of tea with a bit of honey. Tazo’s Zen Tea is my absolute favorite when I start to feel run down.
  3. Hot Shower– My family jokes that I’m part mermaid. They may have a point, especially when I don’t feel well. Now my son will ask for a steam shower when he gets extra stuffy.
  4. The Couch and a Good Movie– For some reason, we would always end up on the couch while we were sick. My mom would prop us up with our pillow and blankets and have the movies rotating.
  5. Water/Fruit Juice/Ginger Ale– Those three drinks are enough to get me through any type of cold or virus we are fighting. Ginger Ale for an upset tummy. Fruit Juice for a boost to the immune system and sometimes to help sooth a sore throat, and water for obvious reasons.

What are your “go-to” things that make you feel better?


What really struck me about this time with my family getting sick, even though I don’t mean to, is how much I take it for granted when things are running status quo. ¬†When my oldest is healthy he talks, non-stop. However, when he’s sick it’s too quiet in our house and it just doesn’t feel right. This time around, it reminded me to appreciate him more for the energetic, talkative little boy he is.



*DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or giving any medical advice. These are just things that help make me and my family feel better.


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