Pick of the Patch


A few weeks ago I wrote about Fun Things to do This Fall. Our family usually does one, or all, of these every year. We decided to hit up the pumpkin patch first!

We chose a local farm that has lots of amenities included, like a slide that we could go down about 1000 times!

We had so much fun taking advantage of the free apple cider, fresh picked apples, moon bounces, the mazes and more.


And of course, no pumpkin patch could ever be complete without a hayride!


Helpful things to pack:

Change of clothes– especially if your kids have any allergies. We were able to change the kiddos right in the car so they wouldn’t have to ride home with any dirt or allergens. Plus it got hotter than we expected so it was nice to have cooler clothes to change into.

Sunblock– Even though the temperatures were average, we had a lot of sun on us. We were so glad we brought sunblock for the family.

Ice Water– With all the running around we did, we easily went through several bottles of water.

When all is said and done, maybe a nice nap is in order!

csleepingpumpkin lsleepingpumpkin


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